We are young and older families, couples, and single folks who come together to worship a loving God, who sends us out to love and serve all God’s people. We like to learn and grow with each other, as well as reach out to the community. We enjoy being together each Sunday as well as throughout the week during in-reach and outreach programs. And, we enjoy welcoming visitors to St. Clement’s.

Some of us dress up for church and some of us are more casual. We come from many Christian traditions (Protestant, Pentecostal, Catholic, Orthodox, and even Episcopalian), and some of us from no tradition at all. We come from many backgrounds:  some of us have been in the area a long time, some more recently arrived. We span the whole spectrum of attitudes and hopes and dreams. We are a diverse family who are drawn together by God. We are a hopeful family drawn by the love of Jesus Christ, and, having been healed through his cross, seek to share that love with others.